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Our Production Facility – Le Faxx Jeans

Le Faxx Jeans is a sustainable and high quality textile production, based in Turkey.
With over 600 employees and more than 25 years of experience, it is one of the leaders in producing
denim and non- denim products.
The main goal is to always develop harmless products and to protect the environment while using
technical innovations.
We make sure, any raw materials we buy are either recyclable or organic.
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By using knotwashed technology, we leave zero toxic, chemical waste to the environment and save up to 50% of water usage.

Knotwashed stands for resource-saving alternative to the stonewashed-process.
Our special plastic knots, which were designed especially for the washing process of Jeans, are made 100 % out of recycled plastic!

it does not only save time and 50% of water usage, it also saves variety of chemicals used when disposing pumice.
However, knotwashed assures the same result as “Used Look”.




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